Your first step in making the most out of Fund Flakes is designating a Fund Flakes Leader. Assign someone in your group to own the program. If you're the leader, make sure you take this short webinar. It will prepare you to earn more for your school or group!


(If you still need to register for Fund Flakes, head here and we will hook you up.)




1. Hang Your Banner

Hang your new Fund Flakes banner!

Grab your staff or principal, snap a pic with the banner to share on Instagram, and tag: #fundflakes

We'll send your team a cereal party in a box when you post online.



2. Distribute Fliers

You'll receive cool fliers in your Activation Kit. They've got your group's unique code, so share them with all your supporters! 

Need to download extra fliers for your group? We've got them here. Just add your unique code. 



3. Remind Em'

Remember, Fund Flakes is ongoing. People can support your group anytime, year-round.

Be creative! Set goals and reminders in your weekly/monthly bulletins to engage and inspire.

The more your community owns Fund Flakes, the more your school will likely earn!



Include your Fund Flakes link in newsletters, post regular social updates, remind folks at group gatherings, and thank your supporters and ask them to share. Be creative and have fun! Share your great ideas with us by including the hashtag #fundflakes on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.